The June 21st Meeting is @7:00pm

- doors open@6:30pm -

Hosted by Olmsted Township

at 7900 Fitch Road, Olmsted Township 44138

Refreshments will be available at 6:30pm

June meeting minutes click here.

July meeting agenda click here.

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About us

Lorain County Township Association Constitution and By-Laws PDF

2021 Officers

Amy Richards - President


Jared Smith - Vice President


Christie Homer-Miller - Treasurer


Mark Cunningham - Secretary


Dick Heidecker - Executive Committee Person


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What Townships Do

State law authorizes Ohio townships to operate under a basic form of government and perform a wide variety of functions. There are 1,308 townships in Ohio and they are varied in population size, annual operating budget, and range of services delivered to residents.

Ohio townships most commonly provide residents with services such as road maintenance, cemetery management, police and fire protection, emergency...

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Our Township Histories

February's Featured History

Camden Township

The history of Camden township schools is an interesting one. Beginning with seven district schools, they accommodated the youth of the township in an adequate way although meager in equipment. District one was located on route 20, across from what is now the Tom Lee farm. The Davidson district was located west of what is now the William Davidson farm...


Our Townships

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