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About Us

About Us

Lorain County Township Association Constitution and By-Laws PDF

2024 Officers

Jared Smith - President

(440) 281-8490

Christie Homer-Miller - Vice President

(216) 440-2616

John Ciarrone - Treasurer

(440) 775-2015

Joe Siekeres - Assistant Treasurer

(440) 965-4214

Mark Cunningham - Secretary

(440) 387-2966

Carl Wesemeyer - Executive Committee Person

(216) 299-3159

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What Townships Do

State law authorizes Ohio townships to operate under a basic form of government and perform a wide variety of functions. There are 1,308 townships in Ohio and they are varied in population size, annual operating budget, and range of services delivered to residents.

Ohio townships most commonly provide residents with services such as road maintenance, cemetery management, police and fire protection, emergency...


"Highest Number of Affiliates"

The Lorain County Township Association would like to thank the Ohio Township Association for this award. We are proud and committed to making the LCTA one of the strongest county associations in the state of Ohio and we congratulate our neighbor Erie County and our other fellow county memberships for their accomplishments.


Township Directory

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